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Thank you for visiting my website! Here I will keep you up to date on my writing projects, and occasionally a relevant side project or two. I write fantasy and science fiction, primarily geared toward young readers.

I have just published my first novel, a middle-grade to YA fantasy named The Callers, available here on Amazon. The story begins with a trio of youths (a nim and two townies — if you want to know what a nim is, read the book!), trying to save their world from drought. But within the first few chapters, they end up making things worse. Much, much worse.

Cover images for The Callers
Cover image for The Callers

As with any good fantasy book, I have a map. Everyone knows that studying maps on your Kindle is pretty hopeless, so I’ll send you a link to a full-color version of the land of Rislan when you sign up for my mailing list. There are also songs in the book, which have actual scores and lyrics and MP3s (played as background music in the Roblox game, by the way). I will add some of these things here too, and send the links through my mailing list once they are in place.

To add to the fun, a Roblox video game has been created where you can act out the events of the book yourself! Roblox is a free, global, multi-player game platform with thousands of games to play. Visit to download the Roblox player, and then click on the image below to play The Callers: